About me

Sexy Mature Canadian Milf next door type. All-natural 49-year old mom with nice firm natural boobs for you to play with. Specializing Mature MILF roleplaying, I want to be your Mommy, Step-Mommy, Auntie. teacher or baby-sitter.

Age 52
Ethnicity White / Caucasian
Nationality Canadian
Languages English
Location Canada
Occupation executive
Weight 140 lb / 64 kg
Height 5" 8' / 173 cm
Body type Curvy
Hair color Blonde
Eye color Blue
Breast size D
Shoe size 8
Tattoos Yes
Piercings No
Drinking Socially
Pets dog, cat
Hobbies camping, cooking, gardening, sex, cumming
Turnons sweet genuine people
Turnoffs pushy aggressive, rude people
Favorite food chocolate
Favorite animal dog
Favorite color pink
You know I’m enjoying myself if...
I squirt all over the floor
Life goals
don't worry, be happy