About me

Age 29
Ethnicity Mixed
Nationality American
Languages English
Location United States
Occupation Writer
Weight 160 lb / 73 kg
Height 5" 2' / 157 cm
Body type Curvy
Hair color Dark Brown
Eye color Brown
Breast size B
Shoe size 8
Interesting Feature My hair never curls the same way twice.
Tattoos No
Piercings No
Smoking No
Drinking Yes
Pets 3 Cats
Hobbies Writing, Kink, Reading, Video Games, Food Critiquing, Cooking, Learning Japanese
Turnons Dominance, Kindness, Humor, Open-mindedness, Deep Voices
Turnoffs Rudeness, Close-mindedness, Meanies
Favorite food Crab legs
Favorite animal Cat
Favorite color Blue
You know I’m enjoying myself if...
I'm laughing or smiling a lot.
Life goals
To become a renowned fantasy/erotica author