Behind the beautiful interface, Foxy is an incredibly rich e-commerce platform.
Here, you can find an exhaustive list of everything the Foxy platform can do.

  • Live Video Chat With our secure internal 1 to 1 you’ll never get shut down, have to use gift cards as payments, or get your funds frozen in PayPal again. Say goodbye to Skype!
  • Twitter Automated Promotion Get noticed by new and old fans with our Twitter automation. You customize the message and how often you promote to your fans and lets us do the rest.
  • Model Directory Another way for models to get noticed & make even more money. Climb the ranks of our Model Directory to get discovered by new customers!
  • Video Directory​ Make money with our Video Directory where customers can search all of the videos uploaded to Foxy.
  • Social Sharing Our social sharing feature makes it easy for your fans to share your content with their friends, earning you more fans and sales.
  • Easy To Use Platform From sign up to sale, videos, Foxy keeps everything in one place and is designed from the inside out to be extremely model & customer friendly.
  • Unlimited Promo & S4S We know you’ve worked hard for your following & traffic. Thats why there are no limits on your feed. Feel free to promote, swap, & help each other grow. We’re all about collabs, so drop away BB!
  • Stream, Download or Both You’re in charge of how all your video content is delivered on Foxy. Choose stream, download or both, it’s up to you.
  • Featured Product Button​ Promote your newest or best-selling product with the featured product button. Customize it with any call to action you like (up to 15 characters) and link it to any product in your store.
  • Tips​ With our custom tip feature, customers can share the love or reward you for being awesome.
  • Video Encoding We crunch & optimize your videos after you upload them, so they’ll always stream fast on mobile - without losing quality.
  • Referral Program​ Earn 5% of the total sales of any creator that signs up using your referral link for life.
  • About Page​ Give your fans all the juicy info about you. There’s also room to rant and plug your other projects like your wishlist & other platforms.
  • Photosets​ Sell images directly from your phone. Soon as you hit save, your pics are zipped and available. It’s a great way to make extra $ selling those dirty selfies you can’t post on Insta.
  • Custom Videos​ Put your fans in the director’s seat and make money selling custom videos. From customizable time & extra options like toys, JOI or add a friend. The sky's the limit.
  • Snapchat Subscriptions​ Name your price, and we’ll bill your fans monthly. Whether it’s Snapchat, Kik or any new social platform that pops up. We keep you up to date on who to add and delete through your dashboard.
  • Feed Subscriptions Think of this as the place to deliver everything you can't on social media and get paid for it. Post Photos & Videos directly from your phone to your subscription feed. Pin posts, Receive tips & sell locked premium content. It's like running a Free & Paid page in one place.
  • PPV Chat, Photo & Video Chat with your fans using our private & secure messenger. You set the price per message, photo & video sent. With one simple click, change the price per message from Free to $0.20 or $100 per message sent and received.
  • Security​ Our platform is HTTPS-only and supports two-factor authentication, so you don’t have to worry about anybody hacking your account.
  • Ultra-fast load times Nobody wants to wait and nobody wants to lose money. That’s why all our pages are served in less than one second!
  • Built to Scale ​Our infrastructure scales automatically, no matter how much server power you need, which makes massive traffic spikes a piece of cake.
  • Search Engine Friendly Our pages are highly optimized for great search engine rankings, so your fans can find you right away, and your site can be #1 on Google.
  • App-Like Mobile Design​ We designed foxy from the inside out to be mobile first and work like an app. From the layout & ease of use to the services we use behind the scenes to make your life easy. We want to make your experience as easy as possible.
  • High Payouts​ We payout our creators 81%, the highest of any model platform we know of.
  • No File Size Restrictions​ Want to upload a huge iPhone video from your phone? No problem. Make sure you’re on WIFI and let us do the dirty work, so you can do what you do best, create.

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  • No Minimum Content Amount​ You can start your Foxy store with literally no content (well you need an avatar) We know that once you see how awesome we are, you’ll join our squad.