About me

Age 22
Ethnicity Other
Nationality American
Languages English, French, Hebrew, Spanish, Yiddish
Location ur wet dreams
Occupation Content Creator
Weight 225 lb / 102 kg
Height 5" 3' / 160 cm
Body type Big
Hair color Many
Eye color Brown
Shoe size 8.5
Interesting Feature Birthmark on left titty
Tattoos Yes
Piercings No
Smoking Yes
Drinking No
Pets 2 pet rats 😛
Hobbies smoking weed, creating art, playing with my pussy
Turnons fat fetishism, feederism, body worship, cumshots
Turnoffs RUDE PEOPLE, transphobes, homophobes, etc
Favorite food fried chicken sandwiches
Favorite animal RATS
Favorite color fried chicken sandwiches
You know I’m enjoying myself if...
you'll know >:)
Life goals
to make enough money to be happy 4ever