About me

Welcome, welcome! My name is Aislynn Davis! I'm a sexy, intelligent minx, with a bit of a bratty side. I have five years of experience with content making. So this page will be a mix of everything from when I was 19 up until now!

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Age 25
Ethnicity White / Caucasian
Nationality Canadian
Languages English
Location British Columbia
Occupation Student
Weight 190 lb / 86 kg
Height 5" 7' / 170 cm
Body type Curvy
Hair color Brunette
Eye color Brown
Breast size DD
Shoe size 10
Interesting Feature I’m Fucken hilarious
Tattoos Yes
Piercings Yes
Smoking Socially
Drinking Socially
Pets One kitty cat
Hobbies I sing, write songs, play a buttload of instruments, I love board games and DnD and sometimes I play some low key vidja gamez
Turnons Any submissive male or extremely dominating persons. I’m a switch
Turnoffs Anything unsolicited. Don’t send me your dick without asking and receiving an abundantly affirmative answer.
Favorite food Anything edible except sea creatures. I love food. I love cooking
Favorite animal Any sort of cat
Favorite color Lavender
You know I’m enjoying myself if...
You hear my snort laugh 😂
Life goals
Finish my masters and open up my very own practice